Using the Zimbra, External Accounts and Self Signed Cert

I love how I can manage my mails through simple folders and filters with Zimbra. So why not add some of my other accounts through the Zimbra webmail beautiful interface.

Unfortunately the external accounts I wanted to add was using a self signed cert. Zimbra uses an behind the scenes javamail application, this makes it slightly harder for me to work out. So here’s how I got it working:

You need to first login to a privileged user and then change user to zimbra

su zimbra -

zmlocalconfig -e ssl_allow_accept_untrusted_certs=true;  
zmlocalconfig -e data_source_trust_self_signed_certs=true ;  
zmlocalconfig -e javamail_imap_enable_starttls=false;  
zmlocalconfig -e javamail_pop3_enable_starttls=false;  
zmlocalconfig -e javamail_pop3_enable_ssl=false;  
zmlocalconfig -e javamail_imap_enable_ssl=false;  


After you’ve applied those changes restart the service

zmmailboxdctl restart  

Also don’t forget to allow the ports for IMAP and POP3 to go out. A common mistake people found was disabling POP3 ssl instead of POP3.

Obviously this isn’t ideal on a corporate Zimbra server and I hope they do add these settings later into the user interface, but for my own personal Zimbra box. Hey it works, lets not fuss.

To setup so you can send you will need Admin Console, again this isn’t an issue for me.
GUI Admin Console > Manage > Accounts > Your Account > Preferences Tab -> Allow sending email only from these:

Now you’ll have the option to send through your other domains. Also check out persona’s as they can add a few extra options. This isn’t ideal, because Zimbra really isn’t designed for this type of multi account process, but it works for now and we’ll live with it.

Good luck.

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