My list of Gnome 3.6 Tweaks and Extensions

Following up post from my earlier post of Gnome 3.6 where have you hidden my old beloved features. Gnome 3.6 is packaged with the brand spanking new Feodra 18! Quite a lot of new features and changes were included and a great effort by the Gnome Team, although a lot of the changes are for the better unfortunately there are still quite a few minor things the default installs seem to miss or aren’t included by default.

Here are just a few tweaks I made to all my Fedora 18 Gnome 3.6 installs:

Change Date and time settings to AM/PM style

Click Dashboard Clock --> Date and Time Settings --> Select AM/PM  
To add the Date to Gnome Shell run the bellow command:  
gsettings set show-date true  

Now the Gnome Shell extensions site is lovely, it’s a simple browser integration where you are able to install extensions with the click of a button. It’s like one of those mobile app stores except for Gnome and everything is free. Here’s just a list of a few which I like to use on a daily basics.  

Note: You will need to install lmsensors for cpu-temperature-indicator to run (yum install lm_sensors)

My list is small, which is great. Really shows how far Gnome is coming along.

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