Gnome 3.6 where have you hidden my old beloved features

With the wondrous glory of Fedora 18 release comes the new Gnome 3.6 into the screens of many who are upgrading or joining the party.

There were quite a few changes in Gnome 3.6 but one of the most important I find is you may find many of your most loved functions like Nautilus Connect to Server or Empathy Menus are now missing! Fear not, calm down, it took me a while to find it too. With Gnome 3.6 these functions have now been in the new GMenu. Simply right click on the applications name to the right of Activities (Top left corner), and there you go.

Right now not all applications support this implementation so it’s a bit of a hit and miss whether you’ll find anything in the GMenu.

My second favorite was the “Document Templates”. This is now “hidden” within Gnome 3.6, again easily accessible if you know where to look. They are now stored in the $HOME/Templates folder, you’ll notice a small notification Files in this folder will appear in the Create Document menu.. Create your templates in that folder and that’s it, easy as pie.

Bottom Line: Fedora really must include a welcome notice on new installs and new accounts (for shared desktops) on what major things are changed in the user interface, primarily these Gnome’s dramatic changes.

P.S. I ended up joining the Fedora 18 party early in the Beta and TC stage so I’m not sure if such a welcome notice may have been added in the final stage.

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